Weight Restrictions

Effective Friday, February 23, 2018 at 8:00 a.m., In accordance with the provisions of section 702 of Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, the Oscoda County Road Commission will impose seasonal load and speed limits on All Oscoda County Road Commission roads except those specifically exempted. Restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.


The following Oscoda County Roads will be exempt from seasonal weight restrictions:

  1. CR 489 from M-72 north to the Montmorency County Line.
  2. F-32 (CR 608 – Miller Rd), from the Crawford County Line east to M-72/M-33.
  3. CR 604 (Curtisville Rd) from M-33 east to the Alcona County Line.
  4. CR 609 (Camp Ten Rd.), from M-72 north to Kittle Rd.
  5. CR 614 (Kittle Rd.), from Camp Ten Rd east to Perry Creek Rd.
  6. CR 614 (Perry Creek Rd.), from Kittle Rd north to Helmer Lake Rd.
  7. Hughes Lake Rd from M-33 east 8,960 feet to gas refinery.
  8. F-32 (McKinley Rd.) from M-72/M-33 east to the Alcona County Line.
  9. CR 601 (Abbe Rd.) from McKinley Rd. north to M-72.
  10. Abbe Rd. from M-33 north to the Montmorency County Line.
  11. Galbraith Road from F-32 (Miller Rd.) north 3000 feet.
  12. CR 487 (Mapes Rd) from Brown Cabin Rd south to Zimowske Rd
  13. CR 487 (Brown Cabin Rd) from Mapes Rd west to CR 489 (Deeter Rd)
  14. CR 489 (Zimowske Road) from Mapes Rd east 1.3 miles
  15. Cedar Run Rd from Helmer Lake Road north to end of pavement
  16. Helmer Lake Rd from Perry Creek Rd east to Cedar Run Rd
  17. CR 610 (Mount Tom Rd) from M-72/M-33 north to CR 608 (Miller Rd)

For more information contact the Oscoda County Road Commission at (989) 826-3218, extension 8, or write P.O. Box 760, Mio, Michigan 48647-0760.


Help Wanted

Oscoda County Road Commission has one (1) MECHANIC/FABRICATOR opening for heavy equipment/truck. This is a full time position with benefits. Must be able to obtain a CDL license A with N endorsement within 6 months of employment. Print out the application below or stop in at the Oscoda County Road Commission office located at 300 W. 8th Street (M-72), Mio MI. 48647 between the hours of 6AM and 2:30PM Monday through Friday. Applications will be taken until position is filled. There is a full job description below the application.

Oscoda County Road Commission is an equal opportunity employer



Phone (989) 826-3218    Fax (989) 826-3210

300 W. 8th Street    P.O. Box 760